The Sustainable Water-Energy Nexus for Urban Neighborhood Development project is a success story which demonstrates the use of sustainability principles and engineering knowledge in urban planning. This research endeavour was a three-year collaboration between the Life Cycle Management (LCM) Laboratory of the University of British Columbia, District or Peachland, BC, New Monaco Enterprise Corporation, Urban Systems, and WSP group. The LCM researchers worked to develop decision making frameworks and tools to support local authorities, community developers, and other decision makers in their urban development efforts. The team focused on the water and energy supply, public infrastructure, and residential neighbourhoods on an upcoming neighbourhood in Okanagan, British Columbia (BC), Canada. User-friendly tools were developed using multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) methods to identify the most suitable technologies, systems, and growth options for neighbourhood communities. The tools include the FitWater tool (assessing wastewater treatment methods), Water-Energy Nexus tool (developing alternative scenarios and selecting and optimum combination of community water and energy features), Neighbourhood Sustainability Assessment tool (Evaluating neighbourhood sustainability in project planning and design phase), Green Proforma tool (sustainability assessment in roadway development), and a framework for assessing and selecting the best clean energy options for the region. Best management practices and implementation guidelines were proposed, and interactive workshops were conducted with the participation of local governments and industry partners to present the developed tool packages to them. These tools are expected to enable informed decision making backed up with scientific evidence, so that the proposed development project are environmentally conscious, economically sound, and socially responsible.

Project Team

  • Rajeev Ruparathna
  • Hirushie Karunathilake
  • Piyaruwan Perera
  • Anber Rana
  • Mohammad Saleem
  • Venkatesh Chinraj
  • Gyan Kumar
  • Adil Umer
  • Dr.Kasun Hewage
  • Dr.Rehan Sadiq